Dice illusion LuChen Close-Up Magic Trick


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1 x Gimmick Dice Set
1 x Mirror
1 x Instruction Sheet


You display an uncolored dice and a piece of mirror to an audience member.

With the mirror held in the spectator's hand, you place the uncolored dice onto the mirror and the reflection on the mirror shows a fully colored dice! The dice is revolved around atop the mirror to show that indeed the reflections on all sides are colored.

Upon removing the dice from the mirror and giving it a magical wave, the dice now becomes colored and the reflection of the spots is uncolored!

Next you invite your audience member to place their hand below the reflected image of the dice, and as you remove the colored dice from the mirror, the reflection of the uncolored dice turns into reality and drop onto their hand! An illusion to reality!




Date Added: 10/16/2015  by Alan Smith

I agree with the other reviews that a little more care into painting the dots on the gimmick, howeve

Date Added: 07/22/2014  by stan chu

great trick. easy to perfrom. i do alot of walk around magic. and this is not too big to carry in my

Date Added: 03/06/2014  by Ken Pope

I enjoy this trick. Little more care in painting the dots on the gimmick die would give it a 5 thank

Date Added: 04/30/2013  by Matt Martin

Works with any mirror Would've given this 6 stars if it would've given the instructions for the

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