Flash Burst The Light of God


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Looking to add some spice to your act? Instead of making that object vanish, (coin,card,ball, etc...) make it vanish in a bright flash of light! No palming, no thumbtip, no pyrotechnic, no kidding!

This body-worn flash effect is remotely triggered by a toe (or heel) switch so your hands may remain empty. The flashbulb hides under your clothing and has a convenient "safety-switch" that prevents the flash from triggering when you're just walking around. Disengage the safety, step on the trigger hidden in your shoe and FLASH goes the whole front of your body! It's just that simple. it operates for just pennies a flash on ordinary batteries!

Take the next step in professional visual effects! Get a Light of God "Flash"!



Date Added: 03/09/2012  by Erick Aponte

The best product I'm buy from Approach China. David is Excellent seller!!!

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