Mini ITR Invisible Thread Retractor Reel

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This ITR isn't any different than the ones sold for more elswhere...they both have the same problems.
I'm no stranger whne it comes to IT and I thought that I'd give this a try.
The aligator clip didn't last too practice session, but that's also true for the ones sold in the US.
The thread isn't that 'invisible' so you really have to be careful of the lighting. On the other hand, it's very strong!
I'll be replacing the thread that it comes with for a better thread and I'll use a stronger adhesive for the aligator clip.
It's a good buy, so don't be disappointed, the same one sells for more with the same issues, so save yourself some money and buy it here! :)
Date Added: 01/03/2014 by Alan Smith
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