Tricky Bag by Fujiwara


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Visual Money Changes!!

#1- Change
Magician shows an empty bag…. In the next moment, Two $20 bills magically and visually appear!

Next, the $20 bills change into two $50… Finally, they changes into two $100 bills!!

(you can retrieve the bill out of the bag ,during the performance, to show it’s a real bill…)

----- or you can use this bag as an ideal bag for world-wide traveler. --- Start with 2 US Dollar Bills in the bag. Then it changes into 2 Japanese Yen Bills, 2 Euro Bills. Finally they change into 2 British Pound Bills.

#2- Appearing
Magician shows an empty bag. In the next moment, 2 bills visually appear inside the bag.

The bills are retrieved out of bag…. Ok, The bag is now empty again…

WOW, in the next moment, 2 bills magically appear inside the bag.

Ok, Ok, the bills are removed out of bag… the bag is now empty, but again 2 bills somehow appear inside the bag!!!

Easy to do. Versatile Item. Any countries bills are OK to use.

Please provide your own bills.




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